Marrakech, Morocco

Magical Marrakech

Bob and Frances send you Greetings from Morocco.   

We have been in Marrakech for a few days and have had some amazing experiences.

After landing in Casablanca we flew to Marrakech and took a taxi to the Medina part of Marrakech — the medinas are filled with narrow streets, tiny alleyways, market places and historical mosques. The purpose of the medina was to keep out invading armies and each major city has one. Because the alleys are too narrow for cars, our luggage was wheeled by cart to our amazing hotel Dar Oulhoum. Check out this link to view photos of this lodging. The French owners, Bruno and Guy live on the premises and have only 3 rooms to rent. It so happened, we were the only guests so we built a close friendship with the owners. They personally walked us through the alleys of the Medina where it would be easy to get lost. The food at Dar Oulhoum was gourmet quality and our breakfast was served on the rooftop with panoramic views of the city. Inside was amazing and personalized decoration that would be the envy of a king. Bruno steered us to some wonderful restaurants in the medina and we enjoyed Moroccan dishes like tangine and delicious soups. Our hotel was next to a mosque but in a secluded area. 

The Medinas are ancient and exotic. Not much has changed over the centuries in this part of the city. It is an extensive maze. Narrow alleyways with a beehive of stalls selling local goods and food of all types are amidst the hustle and bustle. Because motorbikes and bicycles operate on these walkways, it can be treacherous navigating one’s way. I took a fall on the road trying to avoid a bicycle but fortunately wasn’t hurt. Behind some of the doors that aren’t stalls are mosques, restaurants and homes that range from very basic to palatial. We had a guided walking tour of two palaces, a burial ground, the outside of a mosque (non-Muslims not allowed in the mosque) and this gave us a glimpse into a different part of the city. We also visited a beautiful garden previously owned by fashion designer Yves St. Laurent and dedicated to his memory.

After 4 memorable Marrakech days and nights . . . we are on to Fez.

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