Welcome to our travels!

Join us as we take this exciting nine-and-a-half week around-the-world adventure through Africa and Asia . . . first landing in Casablanca, Morocco and taking our last steps in and around — well, just come along and see — with 19 flights, hours of railway, buses, cars, mopeds, and many, many miles of walking in-between over our 65 days of travel. Photographs have been captured through Frances’ thoughtful eye, and I will narrate, for the…

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Marrakech, Morocco

Magical Marrakech

Bob and Frances send you Greetings from Morocco.    We have been in Marrakech for a few days and have had some amazing experiences. After landing in Casablanca we flew to Marrakech and took a taxi to the Medina part of Marrakech — the medinas are filled with narrow streets, tiny alleyways, market places and historical mosques. The purpose of the medina was to keep out invading armies and each major city has one. Because…

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Fez, Morocco

Counting Sheep While Finding Our Way to Fez

After 4 memorable Marrakech days and nights we took a 9-hour train (not exactly the Marrakech Express) to the city of Fez. We stayed in a remarkable lodging Ryad Mabrouka built in 1926 run by French owners that was most impressive in its decoration and layout. There were 8 rooms in this hotel and the food was amazing. We had two dinners and all our breakfasts in the hotel and couldn’t have had more personalized…

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